RFQ Software

RFQ Software

April 2010

RFQPro Software has been released. Some highlights of capabilities:

  1. Generate an online RFQ – Web-based Technology so you can access it anywhere there is an internet connection. Start the bid at the office and issue it later from home or the hotel.
  2. Terms and conditions templates included (can be customized so you can add your own terms or clauses)
  3. Solicit bids. Vendors will appreciate it as they will no longer be buried by paper basically they click a link, price and submit their quotation. No more faxes, no more filing. They can access history and bidding success rates online which encourage Vendors to provide best possible prices.
  4. Aggregate bids at time of bid closing. All bids are automatically displayed in a spreadsheet to facilitate ease of review, departmental approvals and award.
  5. One click and it is awarded to the successful supplier and notification to unsuccessful bidders is completed. Yes, all unsuccessful bidders receive a formal rejection letter. Our automated communication system is unique in the industry and saves the buyer, secretary countless hours of managing repetitive tasks. This savings of time will encourage buyers to request more quotations which will in turn generate further savings for your organization.
  6. All audit friendly history is retained.
  7. Reporting for both the Buyer and Vendor is included.

Please visit our software page and take part in a free trial.

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