How our Quotation Forms can Help (5 productivity boosters)

Creating a procurement form — Quotation form or RFP from scratch is not in every business manager’s top 10 list of items they want to be doing at work each day. For most of us, it is not even in the top 100! Purchasing professionals are results oriented…they want to be reporting to management on $’s saved, contracts awarded, trends and not that they spent their entire day drafting a RFP!  The Request for Quote (RFQ) and other procurement related forms like a Request for Proposal (RFP) are important and do require a strict attention to detail. Is there an easier way to accomplish this task so you can spend your time on more fruitful projects?

At, we supply sample Procurement Templates for a variety of potential quotation requirements and this is how our quotation forms can help you in your day to day tasks.

Here is a link to the list of some of the forms we offer:

In this list you will notice we provide both generic and specific types of tender documents which can be used to generate simple or complex quotations / proposals.

#1 – Request for Quotation General
#2 – Bid Letter (for Appendix A & B)
#15 – Appendix A (Instructions)
#16 – Appendix B (Terms)
#12 – Telephone System w VoIP
#13 – Rejection Letter
#14 – Award Letter
#19 – Basic Vehicle
#23 – Bulk Commodity Tender
#24 – Telecommunications
#26 – Equipment Quotation Form
#28 – Office Equipment
#29 – Computers
#37 – Standard RFQ
#50 – Assets Disposal Tender Form
#55 – Roofing Tender (Basic)
#67 – Mobile Equipment Public
#70 – Auto Truck (Detailed)
#83 – Environmental Services

Purchasing is all about productivity and producing results. You justify your departments existence by how your services are impacting the company and the related departments you service. How do you best service your user groups?  1. By promptly and efficiently delivering the goods and services they require to complete the projects at hand. 2. By saving them money or reducing company costs. 3. Providing quality products and trouble free contractors which will get the job done ahead of schedule and on budget.

How can you accomplish this? 4. By not wasting your time creating tenders and instead spending your time on sourcing the right vendors, beefing up on the deliverables or the scope of work. 5. By using our ready made templates you are freeing up time to focus on these other critical areas.

Today, we are reviewing some of the RFQ Forms available. Our next post will touch on the request for proposal process and how to ensure your proposals solicit the best possible responses.

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