RFQ | RFP Response

Are you a Vendor or Supplier looking for response templates or samples you can use to respond to a Request for Quote (RFQ) or a Request for Proposal (RFP) which you have been invited to participate in?

RFQPro Vendor Response Pack is designed JUST for Vendors and Suppliers. We provide Sixty-Two (62) edit friendly word documents you can use to expedite generating your request for quote response or your request for proposal response. If you want a professional template which will capture the buyers attention and provide you a better chance at success, our response guide and templates are the answer.

Our forms are digitally delivered within minutes of payment…Price $37.00

Besides all the Response or Quote Forms you will receive a ton of other valuable resource templates. Present makeup of our RFQPro Vendor Response Pack:



Template Number and Name Bytes Vendor
VR200 – Vendor Response Guide 46,592
VR201 – Basic Quote Form 59,392
VR202 – Quote Form 224,768
VR203 – RFP Cover Letter Intent 32,256
VR204 – No Bid Letter 36,352
VR205 – RFP Protest Letter 34,304
VR206 – Vendor Sample Quote 61,952
VR207 – Response Template 51,200
VR208 – Specification Form Transformer 77,312
VR209 – Formal Quote 103,424
VR210 – How to Evaluate a Vendor 37,376
VR211 – Sole Source Protest Letter 41,984
VR212 – Vendor Cover Letter 45,056
VR213 – Vendor Evaluation Questions 43,008
VR214 – Tender Response 61,000
VR215 – Invoice Template 59,000
VR216 – Responding to a RFP Help 92,000
VR217 – Payment Terms Defined 43,500
VR218 – Major Equipment Quotation 73,000
VR219 – Equipment Quotation Response 71,500
VR220 – Product Data Sheet 62,000
VR221 – Consultant Confirmation of Assignment 51,712
VR222 – Bill of Sale-1 30,720
VR223 – Bill of Sale No Warranties 33,280
VR224 – Bill of Sale w Encumbrances 33,280
VR225 – Refusal of Rejection of Goods 30,208
VR226 – Credit Application 32,768
VR227 – RFQ Response to Tree Removal 54,272
VR228 – Theft Policy 35,328
VR229 – RFP Response Cover Letter 30,580
VR230 – Response Website Design 56,500
VR231 – Response Consulting Engagement 34,000
VR232 – RFP Response IT Disaster Recovery 175,104
3-Sample Hosting Agreement 65,024
4-Service Contract 53,760
6-Letter of Intent 30,208
7-Nondisclosure Agreement 28,672
8-Bill of Sale 32,256
11-Letter of Understanding 34,000
26-Equipment Quotation Form 38,400
30-Vendor Performance Evaluation 290,816
31-Sub-Contractor Evaluation Form 44,032
39-Equipment Bill of Sale 48,000
42-Basic PO Terms 32,000
43-Consignment Sales Form 116,000
60-Statutory Declaration 30,500
62-Employee Non-Disclosure 29,500
63-Independent Contractor Agreement 44,500
72-Statutory Declaration Payment 47,500
73-Linen Rental Service Agreement 37,376
74-Guarantee 33,792
75-Joint & Several Demand Note 30,208
76-Series Form Promissory Note 31,744
77-Stipulated Price Contract 171,000
78-Stipulated Price Bid 110,592
(.doc formats supplied) Price


Vendor Response Pack FREE Bonus – we are including at no charge our Supplier Evaluation Form (RFQ30) which will help you prepare for any potential Vendor performance reviews. Get a jump on what types of questions you might be asked and prepare responses which will leave a lasting impression on your Customers. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.