Preparing a formal response to a Request for Proposal (RFP) your company has been invited to is not just time consuming — it can be repetitive, exhausting and to be honest MUNDANE! If you are the company owner bidding or responding to an RFP, we left out the most worrisome point and that is the COST!

How much does it actually cost, on average, to prepare a proposal in response to an RFP? A study by a Professional Services Society ballparked the cost to be on average between $3,000 to $10,000 for a “normal” project. This of course is dependent on the value of services and work to be awarded from the RFP.  It would be fair to say that the higher the contract (RFP) value, the higher the submission (response) cost.

Cost Factors

What factors impact the cost of responding to an RFP?

  1. Labour costs – no question a majority of the cost is tied to labour.
         a. Someone has to read and review the RFP
         b. Estimating costs (time, materials, equipment, travel, etc.)
         c. Drafting the response
         d. Technical / Legal / Consultant review
  2. Some responses may require printed materials such as engineering drawings, specifications and more.

Unfortunately, this is a cost of doing business and Vendors should exercise prudence by looking for ways to give your company a competitive edge. This is where we can help.

Vendor Response Pack

Are you a Vendor or Supplier looking for response templates you can use to respond to a Request for Quote (RFQ) or a Request for Proposal (RFP)?

Our RFQPro Vendor Response Pack is designed JUST for Vendors and Suppliers. We provide Sixty-Two (62) edit friendly word documents you can use to expedite generating your request for proposal response or your request for quote response. If you require a professional template which will capture the buyers attention and provide your company a better chance at success, our response guide and templates are the answer.

Our forms are digitally delivered within minutes of confirmation of payment…Price $37.00

Besides all the Response or Quote Forms you will receive additional valuable resource templates. The present makeup of what is included in our RFQPro Vendor Response Pack:

Template Number and NameBytesVendor
VR200 - Vendor Response Guide46,592
VR201 - Basic Quote Form59,392
VR202 - Quote Form224,768
VR203 - RFP Cover Letter Intent32,256
VR204 - No Bid Letter36,352
VR205 - RFP Protest Letter34,304
VR206 - Vendor Sample Quote61,952
VR207 - Response Template51,200
VR208 - Specification Form77,312
VR209 - Formal Quote103,424
VR210 - How to Evaluate a Vendor37,376
VR211 - Sole Source Protest Letter41,984
VR212 - Vendor Cover Letter45,056
VR213 - Vendor Evaluation Questions43,008
VR214 - Tender Response61,000
VR215 - Invoice Template59,000
VR216 - Responding to a RFP Help92,000
VR217 - Payment Terms Defined43,500
VR218 - Major Equipment Quotation73,000
VR219 - Equipment Quotation Response71,500
VR220 - Product Data Sheet62,000
VR221 - Consultant Confirmation of Assignment51,712
VR222 - Bill of Sale-130,720
VR223 - Bill of Sale No Warranties33,280
VR224 - Bill of Sale w Encumbrances33,280
VR225 - Refusal of Rejection of Goods30,208
VR226 - Credit Application32,768
VR227 - RFQ Response to Tree Removal54,272
VR228 - Theft Policy35,328
VR229 - RFP Response Cover Letter30,580
VR230 - Response Website Design56,500
VR231 - Response Consulting Engagement34,000
VR232 - RFP Response IT Disaster Recovery175,104
VR233 - Offeror RFP Response Checklist34,000
3-Sample Hosting Agreement65,024
4-Service Contract53,760
6-Letter of Intent30,208
7-Nondisclosure Agreement28,672
8-Bill of Sale32,256
11-Letter of Understanding34,000
26-Equipment Quotation Form38,400
30-Vendor Performance Evaluation290,816
31-Sub-Contractor Evaluation Form44,032
39-Equipment Bill of Sale48,000
42-Basic PO Terms32,000
43-Consignment Sales Form116,000
60-Statutory Declaration30,500
62-Employee Non-Disclosure29,500
63-Independent Contractor Agreement44,500
72-Statutory Declaration Payment47,500
73-Linen Rental Service Agreement37,376
75-Joint & Several Demand Note30,208
76-Series Form Promissory Note31,744
77A-Demand for Payment Guarantee32,000
77-Stipulated Price Contract171,000
78-Stipulated Price Bid110,592
88-Vendor Managed Inventory Agreement43,000
(.doc formats supplied)Price

Vendor Response Pack FREE Bonus – we are including, at no charge, our Vendor Performance (Supplier) Evaluation Form (Template #30) which will help you prepare for any Vendor performance reviews. Get a jump on what types of questions you might be asked and prepare responses which will leave a lasting impression on your Customers. All our template packs come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.