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Janitorial RFQPreview Template

Maintenance Pack

This pack includes a detailed RFP for Janitorial Services with daily, weekly, monthly check lists for contractor duties; the related Vendor Contract you can use for award and management of the agreement. You receive all necessary documentation

  • Invitation Letter (1 page)
  • Building Maintenance Janitorial Services RFP (17 pages) See Preview
  • Rejection Letter (1 page)
  • Award Letter (1 page)
  • Vendor Cleaning Contract for this RFP (2 samples – 7 & 8 pages)

for only $37.00 (instant digital delivery)

Safety hardhatPreview Template

Industrial or Construction Safety Pack

Looking for a Health and Safety Program Template to get your Safety Policy up and running? This offer is for you and it includes:

  • Safe Work Practices (39 pages)
  • Safe Work Procedures (54 pages) See Preview
  • Contractor Loss Control Program (13 pages)
  • Incident Report (2 pages)
  • Site Facility Audit Template (5 pages )
  • Occurrence Report Form (3 pages)
  • RFQ Environmental Services (4 pages )
  • Cellular Phone Policy (Free Bonus)

All of the above templates are detailed Company workplace safety policies and manuals. $37.00 (instant digital delivery)

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