Supplier Evaluation Form

Types of Supplier Evaluation Forms & Templates:

The evaluation of suppliers is a continuing purchasing task. Current suppliers should be monitored to see if they are meeting expectations. New sources need to be screened to see if their potential warrants serious consideration for future business. This post will focus on evaluating current major suppliers which are important to the success of your own operation.

Types of Evaluations

  • Informal
  • Executive Round Table
  • Formal Vendor Performance Evaluation and Rating

Informal evaluations have there place in smaller organizations and for theĀ  most part are all that is required. It involves verbal discussions with other user groups in your organization to determine how the vendor is doing and when relevant, relaying feedback to suppliers.

Executive Round Table evaluations are just what is implied. It is an annual face to face discussion between top level management personnel in the purchaser’s organization and those of the vendor. These meetings are limited to key or major vendors and the presence of top executives lends weight to the occasion and permits discussion of past performance, future expectations, and commercial or economic aspects in a high-level context. For the most part, they take place on the purchaser’s premises.

Obviously, the number of these types of meetings must be limited, as there is a cost attached to gathering personnel.

Formal Vendor Evaluations

Purchasing departments need to subject their key vendors to an annual performance evaluation. Many suppliers appreciate the opportunity to address shortcomings and to improve service levels. Smart vendors approach major buyers as partners, want to please clients and forge long term relationships which are beneficial to both parties.

Evaluating a key vendor involves a review of quality, price, delivery and service elements. We suggest you discuss service levels with user groups, warehouse / receiving departments, accounting and purchasing. Other departments can provide valuable feedback on invoicing issues, short shipments, damaged goods and if they are receiving quality technical support.

RFQ30 is a sample vendor performance report which has a detailed rating scheme, including weights for form of measurement. It is one of the most comprehensive evaluation forms in the marketplace and it is available in our Premium and Mega Pack bundles.

Click the image to enlarge or preview a portion of this 14 page template.vendor performanceSample Supplier Evaluation Form Detailed Preview

Note: for different product classes, different factors, weights and measures should be used to reflect varying impact on the organization.

The value in this single template more than covers the purchase price of the complete template pack and remember we have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, so buy with confidence. Available in our Premium and Mega Packs.

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