Vendor Contracts

Vendor Contracts:

vendor_contractThere are many types of vendor contracts a purchasing manager will encounter in their day to day tasks. Service, consultant, supply,  inventory, blanket order, equipment, standing order contracts just to name a few. All are different and each one is unique in respect to what you are trying to accomplish.

Service Contract – This vendor agreement might be used for a contract employee providing a specialized service to your organization. The focus of the service agreement would likely be the hours of work, hourly rate and actual service areas this individual would be responsible for.  Consultant Contract – would imply you are hiring an expert to provide direction on a specific requirement your organization needs direction or support with. Everything from hourly rates to required credentials to the period or term of the arrangement would be identified in this agreement.

Supply Contracts – These are typically used for the supply of bulk consumables or products your business would require on an ongoing basis to ensure continual production. If you are in the resource industry, this might be chemicals, fuels, explosives, lubricants and so on.  In manufacturing, it might be natural gas, coal or whatever powers your facility.

Vendor contracts can be complex and getting a template to help you create something professional can save you many hours of time. Most of the above vendor contracts should address standard clauses like Force Majeure, Termination, Scope, Period, Indemnity, Assignment, Acceptance and so on. Why start from scratch, eliminate frustration and focus your efforts on the specifics.

RFQPro has a variety of vendor contracts, each of which address different areas of responsibility. We believe any one of these contracts more than cover the cost of the complete pack.

RFQ9-Chemicals Contract, RFQ51-Lubricants Supply, RFQ53-Reagent Supply, RFQ54-Explosives Supply are just a few of our supply contracts which might be of interest and are available in the Contract and Premium pack offers.

RFQ4-Service Contract and RFQ21-Engineering Contract will address some of the other Vendor Contracts we have listed above.  For a complete list of contracts in our pack please visit this link.

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