Purchasing Policy and Procedures Template

Purchasing Policy and Procedures Template:

Regardless of the work experience of your existing purchasing staff, producing a policy and procedures manual is well worth the effort. Some benefits of having a quality policy manual:

  • it is an essential for in-company training program for junior members
  • it adds flexibility in facilitating the transfer of personnel from one job to another in case of vacation or workload
  • it allows you to set a standard
  • last but not least is useful in explaining to outside departments what and how things are done

Some Managers feel a purchasing policy is not required because the size of the department does not warrant the cost and effort of writing it all down. This argument overlooks the benefit gained in the actual task of preparing the manual and reviewing existing procedures. Sometimes, tedious and outdated tasks are streamlined in such a review and beneficial ways of performing routine tasks are discovered. Make the time!

RFQPro.com has a purchasing policy and procedures manual template which covers the following areas:

Purchasing Policy
Levels of Authorization, A.F.E.
Purchase Requisitions
”RUSH” Purchases
Expediting, Freight and Traffic
Receiving, Invoices and Payment
Repair and Return Transactions
Vendor Solicitation
Vendor “Gratuities”
Requests for Inventory
Warehouse Inventory
Warehouse Security
Direct Charge Order Notification
Asset Disposal

What this template provides is the strong framework and verbiage you need to present your policy professionally. All you need to do is tweak it to fit your existing work environment and companies needs.

Last suggestion, have the chief executive of the company write a short forward, endorsing the policy and practices of the department and defining its authority. Then, to avoid potential misunderstandings, take the time to schedule visits with each department to review it with the user groups.

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