Purchase order Terms and Conditions

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions:

If you are looking for a BASIC Terms and Conditions (TC’s) template to use with your purchase order, the following set will get you going. If you typically do not include a set of TC’s with each purchase order you fax, email or transmit to your Suppliers, at the very least you should have each Vendor sign off on your TC’s and have them agree that all future purchase orders they fulfill will be bound by such TC’s.

These days digital storage is a cheap commodity so you can have the Vendor sign off on your TC’s and store the documents by way of pdf for future reference. This will give you someĀ  peace of mind, necessary back-up and also allows you to avoid having to transmit them with each purchase order you issue.

Download a free sample set of our basic purchase order terms and conditions in PDF format hereĀ  >>>RFQ42 – Basic PO Terms

If you are looking for a more comprehensive set of conditions you may want to check out this post: https://www.rfqpro.com/rfq-request-for-quotation/terms-and-conditions. By purchasing our standard or premium pack you will receive both sets of our PO terms and conditions in Word format.

Consider subscribing as a future post will include a set of Contractor Insurance Terms which you may find beneficial in mitigating liabilities with high risk purchase orders or contracts.

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