RFP Examples

RFP Examples:

Write a RFPThe phone is ringing or you are in meetings most of the day so when will you find time to write a quality RFP which will garner the appropriate responses?  Overtime is not a viable option and developing templates from scratch can  take 10 hours plus, that is if you are not interrupted and proficient in all the appropriate lingo. Ten (10) hours @ $20.00 per hour —— approximately $200.00 to develop a single RFP document!

Our premium pack has 90 plus templates covering the procurement process from start to finish. Cover letter, rejection letter, award letters, RFP examples, RFQ examples are all included in the pack. When talking ROI or return on investment, this bundle will save your company thousands of dollars and will allow you to focus your efforts on what you should be doing….saving money!!

RFQ57 – Sample RFP (8 page edit friendly document) is available in the Premium and Mega Packs. Click image to enlarge or preview.

Sample RFP Media Relations

Improve efficiencies by utilizing a RFQPro template pack today.  Easily justifiable and all our template packs are covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money is refunded.

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