Service Contract Template (5 important points to cover)

Service Contract Template:

Service Contract Templates
Service Contract Template

Our latest addition to the template library would be  used in the event you need to hire a temporary contract employee or any fee for service type personnel. This is a contract template for service, covers 5 important points and its free!

Sometimes you need to hire a temporary employee or bring back an employee in a consultancy capacity and you want to cover the bases with a simple contract to manage their responsibilities and the commercial components of your agreement.

This free service contract template will help you get the ball rolling and complete this task quicker and easier than starting from scratch and will identify the five important points you should always cover in a services contract.

Our free template covers the parties, compensation, scope, duration, safety and more. Whenever generating a contract for service it is important to capture:

  1. The name, address of the individual and or company.
  2. Second the duration or time period you require the services of the employee.
  3. Third the scope or work they will be performing for your company.
  4. Fourth the amount they will be paid.
  5. The benefits if any and the additional conditions like safety or workers coverage.

This four page employee services contract is simple, clean and will work for most of these temporary or basic requirement. Ensure you replace the text with your own company name, address details.

Download service contract template PDF here >>> RFQ4 – Service Contract

Want this in an editable format like Microsoft Word? Please Click Here

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