Should you add an environmental policy to your RFP?

Adding an Environmental Policy to your RFP:

Many large corporations add their environmental policy statement to all outgoing RFQ or RFP’s when it pertains to contractors or suppliers providing a service both on or off their job-site which in any way may impact the environment. This is a good practice and it puts the contractor or supplier on notice that they are expected to meet or exceed your own company standards when it relates to protecting the environment.

There are many reasons why companies include an environmental policy with their RFP’s.

  • they are honestly committed to the environment. Not all large corporations only think dollars or profit. Many are now realizing to be sustainable in business over the long term means protecting the environment and ensuring sound environmental practices are embodied within all regions of their operations.
  • they wish to ensure suppliers and contractors are held accountable for their actions and to do so purchasing representatives must include the policy upfront in their RFP if it will imply the conditions of work.
  • they have deep pockets and by making such a statement they may mitigate liability by sharing the liability with other parties.

There are many facets to an environmental policy, the above points may be biased towards the legal reasoning as to why you include a policy statement, however some companies do reduce costs by incorporating recycling programs and recycling should be a part of your environmental policy. believes all organizations, regardless of size, should include an environmental policy with your RFP, especially when the scope of work means a supplier or contractor will be performing duties on your site or performing duties on your behalf which may get you “invited to the party” (court of law) should someone be charged.

How do you write an environmental policy? RFQPro suggests you look at our options to help you develop a policy which will work for your organization.

RFQ44 – Environmental Policy – Vendor example template for your RFP is sold in both the Mega Pack and our Premium Pack bundles. Click image to preview policy:

Sample Environmental Policy

As always, we recommend you review all documentation with corporate counsel prior to issue.

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