RFQ Sample – Public Purchasing

Public Purchasing:

If you are looking for a detailed RFQ – Request for Quote for the purchase of a piece of mobile equipment and you are in the public purchasing field, this sample RFQ template will expedite the tendering process. This one specifically addresses the acquisition of mobile equipment (Road Grader) but can be used for any major piece of equipment by adding your own equipment specifications, sometimes you can download these specification online directly from the manufacturer.

RFQ67 – Mobile Equipment template is 24 pages and includes a layout you can use to add detailed equipment specifications. Here is a quick look at a few pages of this template.


RFQ67 template is available in our premium pack offer.


How to write Vendor Contracts

Vendor Contracts:

With over 25 plus years in the purchasing profession we have seen Vendor Contracts take on many forms. In the early days some were pretty scary and we would be challenged to even call them a contract. They were more like a glorified hand written fax! Our profession has evolved and writing a vendor contract can mean a one pager or it can be  a 300 plus page vendor agreement. Here is to hoping you get more 1 page ones.

With the litigious environment companies are faced with today, it doesn’t matter whom you’re doing business with, it is prudent to draw up a vendor contract to clarify the duties or scope of work which will be carried out by each party involved. Spend the extra effort and make it clear.

How do you make it clear? Have a second party proof read it for you to make sure it flows and makes sense to a first time reader. To ensure there are no misunderstandings, include an example showing any cost breakdowns and final results. This works great if you are purchasing a commodity where the price is based on several pricing mechanism. An example, market cost or base price of item + bridging or freight + packaging + taxes = $Price Paid by Company for next three months. In this instance, there can be no misunderstandings by any party which will examine the agreement at any future date.

The main elements of a vendor contract are the cost, services and products to be provided, what will happen if something doesn’t go as planned (contingencies), and the applicable dates for final delivery. The objective is to be thorough, eliminate unknowns, liabilities and ensure every scenario is covered in your contract. You do not want to get burned nor do you want a vendor to suffer punitively in the process. A company which is fair to its vendors gets a solid reputation and everyone wants to deal with owners which treat suppliers fairly. If you properly solicit quotations for your requirements this process will ensure you never pay more than what the present market allows.

Okay, so a main point in developing a quality vendor contract is to spend a bulk of your efforts on the scope or explaining the responsibilities of the vendor to ensure there are no misunderstandings. Include examples, proof read document. What else or what other areas need to be addressed? Here are a few:

Step 1

Identify the two parties that are associated with the contract. The “Vendor” aka “Supplier”

Sample Expression of Interest Form

Expression of Interest

An Expression of Interest (EOI) is used to gauge interest from potential suppliers for a project you have on the drawing board or hope to tender in the near future. By issuing an EOI, you are given the opportunity to pre-qualify vendors capable of completing the work under the restrictions or specifications outlined in your proposal.

Is an EOI similar to or the same as a RFP (Request for Proposal), RFI (Request for Information)? Basically, yes they can be construed as being the same, with the exception of the potential legal ramifications so seek counsel or legal advice to ensure you understand how issuing any of the above will impact your company in the country, state or province you operate your business in.

The Use of Quotations

Quotations are requested when the size of the requisition or proposed commitment exceeds a minimum dollar amount stipulated usually by policy in the organization of the bidder: for example, $500.00. This rule may not apply in Governmental purchases as they are required by law to perform and award a RFQ to the lowest responsible bidder. In some Industries, proposals may be requested with the intention of selecting a firm to negotiate or settle final prices with.

Depending on your organization, after a RFQ

Subcontractor Performance Report Template

In the simplest form, a subcontract is a purchase order written with more explicit terms and conditions. Its complexity and management varies in direct proportion to the value and size of the job. The management of a subcontract may require unique skills and abilities because of the amount and type of correspondence, charts, performance reviews and management reporting which are necessary.

RFQ31 – Subcontractor performance template will help you audit and record performance

Definition of Vendor

What comes to mind when you think of a Vendor . . . a coin operated snack dispenser, a sidewalk food service, or perhaps someone selling flowers or hand made jewelry on the corner? In fact these are all vendors as well as the local bakery, the service station or corner store and the door to door vacuum salesman. Read on to get our definition of a vendor when it relates to purchasing.

A Vendor is defined as a company which supplies parts, materials or services to another company or individual, also referred to as a supplier. This includes all companies that you do business with and help you bring your project to completion or provide you with a service to help you accomplish your tasks. They may provide uniforms or a cleaning service, prepare payroll, accounting or financial statements, deliver office/shop supplies, produce graphic layouts or manufacture tools, parts and equipment, provide transportation of goods or international relations assistance. Some Vendors you may deal with on a daily, weekly or monthly basis others you may do business with only once a year.

Vendors can and do many things which can make your business successful. These

RFQ Software

RFQ Software

April 2010

RFQPro Software has been released. Some highlights of capabilities:

  1. Generate an online RFQ – Web-based Technology so you can access it anywhere there is an internet connection. Start the bid at the office and issue it later from home or the hotel.
  2. Terms and conditions templates included (can be customized so you can add your own terms or clauses)
  3. Solicit bids. Vendors will appreciate it as they will no longer be buried by paper basically they click a link, price and submit their quotation. No more faxes, no more filing. They can access history and bidding success rates online which encourage Vendors to provide best possible prices.

Supplier Evaluation Form

Types of Supplier Evaluation Forms & Templates:

The evaluation of suppliers is a continuing purchasing task. Current suppliers should be monitored to see if they are meeting expectations. New sources need to be screened to see if their potential warrants serious consideration for future business. This post will focus on evaluating current major suppliers which are important to the success of your own operation.

Types of Evaluations

Site Audit Form Example

Site Audit:

As a purchasing professional, it is your responsibility to ensure vendors supplying key commodities or performing works on behalf of your organization are reputable and will not cause your firm to be invited to the party in the event someone is charged for violating an environmental law or standard. To reduce the chances of this happening, we suggest you consider performing site audits on vendors vital to the success of your operation. Why,

Sample Contract RFQ51

Free Contract Templates

Free Contract Templates

Not many websites offer free contract templates, RFQPro.com does.  If you subscribe, included in our welcome pack is RFQ4 – Service Contract template for consulting services. This contract template can be used for labor services arrangements and more.

If you are in need of other types of contracts like supply contracts, RFQPro.com can help.

RFQ51 – Lubricants Contract is a pricing / supply agreement template which can be tweaked and used for most  of your consumables contracts or for commodity based needs. This digital download delivers in both Microsoft Word and PDF format.

Download and preview a portion of this 9 page contract here >>> Sample Contract RFQ51

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