Purchasing Policy and Procedures Template

Purchasing Policy and Procedures Template:

Regardless of the work experience of your existing purchasing staff, producing a policy and procedures manual is well worth the effort. Some benefits of having a quality policy manual:

  • it is an essential for in-company training program for junior members
  • it adds flexibility in facilitating the transfer of personnel from one job to another in case of vacation or workload
  • it allows you to set a standard
  • last but not least is useful in explaining to outside departments what and how things are done

Some Managers feel

Purchase order Terms and Conditions

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions:

If you are looking for a BASIC Terms and Conditions (TC’s) template to use with your purchase order, the following set will get you going. If you typically do not include a set of TC’s with each purchase order you fax, email or transmit to your Suppliers, at the very least you should have each Vendor sign off on your TC’s and have them agree that all future purchase orders they fulfill will be bound by such TC’s.

These days digital storage is a cheap commodity so you can have the Vendor sign off on your TC’s and store the documents by way of pdf for future reference. This will give you some  peace of mind, necessary back-up and also allows you to avoid having to transmit them with each purchase order you issue.

FOB Point

FOB Point:

Lets talk about shipping terms and where the responsibility lies for a shipment.  The correct definition for FOB Point is Free-on-Board aka freight on board and the term FOB is often misunderstood, even by the professionals.

The FOB point is important as it ascertains:

  • when legal title of the goods being shipped transfers to the buyer. Say you were purchasing a bulk liquid like a fuel or a chemical, the FOB point could be origin, destination, buyers tank or even the intake nozzle at point of delivery.  As you can see, depending on the commodity, having the proper FOB point is crucial.
  • who is responsible for handling damaged goods or freight claims with the carrier in the event they are lost or damaged during shipment. An example: FOB Destination, Freight collect means: Buyer — Pays and is responsible for freight charges, Seller — Owns goods in transit, Seller — Files any damage claims (if any). Another potential headache area so choose wisely.
  • who pays the carrier.

Many will suggest or argue that FOB destination is the most beneficial because

Letter of Understanding (LOU) – Sample

Sample Letter of Understanding -LOU:

If you find yourself in the position of purchasing a website, it’s content and the domain name or URL, this sample template will give you an idea of some specific points you will want to cover to ensure you are avoiding any potential misunderstandings. Also, keep in mind you can tailor this template for other LOU requirements.

SAMPLE LETTER OF UNDERSTANDING for acquisition of  [www.domainname[dot]com]

June 22, 2014

[name] [street address] [city, state and zip]


This letter summarizes the understanding we have reached regarding the terms and conditions of sale of the website or (domain name) [________________]. To be certain this letter accurately reflects our understanding, please review the items below and indicate your understanding and agreement by signing on the signature line below.

Terms and Conditions of Sale

A. The agreement covers the outright sale of the domain and website content for http://www.[________________ ]for the price of U$[__________]. Sale price was based on revenue of approximately $100.00 per calendar month. Price includes free push (transfer) at[_____________] and all paid up domain registration fees.

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Looking for a VoIP RFP or a Voice over Internet Protocol – Request for Proposal? VoIP systems usually interface with the traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN) to allow for transparent phone communications worldwide.

VoIP can be a benefit for reducing communication and infrastructure costs by routing phone calls over existing data networks and avoiding duplicate network systems. Skype is an example of a notable service provider having achieved widespread user and customer acceptance in this industry.

Benefits of Using VoIP

VoIP technology uses the Internet’s packet-switching capabilities to provide phone service. Packet switching allows several telephone calls to occupy the amount of space occupied by only one in a circuit-switched network. With VoIP, a 10 minute phone call may only occupy 3.5 minutes of transmission time at a lower cost of 64 Kbps or about half that of conventional systems and this does not factor in data compression which further reduces usage or size of each call.

RFQPro has a RFP template which may help with your VOIP proposal. For a few sample pages of the content in this RFP please click here>>> Preview Telecom VoIP RFP

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Loyalty Program

RFP-RFQ Loyalty Program:

Thank you for being a loyal subscriber. This template can be used for reporting an incident or dangerous occurrence within your organization. You can download this edit friendly Microsoft Word Template HERE VR229 – Incident Report – Sample


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RFP | RFQ Sample for Business Computers

RFP and RFQ for Business Computers:

RFQ_Business_ComputersHere is a sample RFQ template which can be used for the solicitation of quotes for the purchase of business computers or computer hardware and training from your suppliers. At a minimum, a request for quote should cover the invitation component, the bid form, specifications and a set of terms and conditions. This sample template provides coverage for all these specific areas and more. If you are looking for other sample templates, we recommend you peruse the premium or the mega pack offers. Using a single template will cover the cost of the complete package.

Download sample RFQ for business computers in Microsoft Word Format >>> RFQ29 – RFQ Computers

RFP Template for Website Design Services

RFP Template for Website Design Services:

Here is another simple yet effective template you can use to ask the right questions to users when you are ready to solicit website design services. By addressing these questions upfront you will ensure your bidders will respond appropriately to your quotation.

Download RFP in Microsoft Word Format   >>> RFQ10 – RFQ Guide Web Design

Download RFP in PDF Format   >>> RFQ10 – RFQ Guide Web Design

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Sample Bill of Sale

Bill of Sale:

When you sell a motor vehicle it is prudent to document the transaction. Look no further, here is a sample bill of sale you can use to record the sale of tangible goods or a motor vehicle. This free template will help you get started documenting the sale of your car or truck. This form can be customized and used for recording the sale of other assets as well.

Download Sample Bill of Sale Here >>> RFQ8 – Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale

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Service Contract Templates

Service Contract Template

Service Contract Template:

Service Contract Templates

Service Contract Template

Our latest addition to the template library would be used in the event you need to hire a temporary supervisor, foreman, lead hand, contract employee or any fee for service type personnel. This is a contract template for service.

Ensure you replace the RFQPro.com text with your own company name, address details.

Download service contract template PDF here >>> RFQ4 – Service Contract

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