Sample of Basic RFQ Template

Basic RFQ Template:

The expenditure or value of the acquisition item and the risk usually determines the amount of work and effort you put into your RFQ | RFP proposals and for that matter the whole quotation process. Sometimes, you just need a simple or basic RFQ, a one pager with some basic terms and conditions which will allow you to go out for quotes. A basic RFQ Template like RFQ19 may do the trick.

If you are looking for a simple or basic RFQ | RFP template you can use to solicit quotations, proposals this template should suffice. Keep in mind you can change the automobile specification section of the template and customize it by adding your own scope or specification for any purchase requirement.

Download free vehicle RFQ sample template >>> RFQ19 – Basic RFQ Template for Vehicle

More edit friendly RFQ Templates

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions with RFQ:

We encourage you to include the applicable Terms and Conditions (TC’s) with your RFQ package at time of issue so your Vendors can peruse them during the tender and understand what they will have to comply with if they are awarded the contract. In any event, after you have the bid results from your RFQ or RFP and have issued an award letter to the successful bidder, some Corporations will then provide a purchase order. With the purchase order, they usually include the TC’s and expect the Supplier or Vendor to follow them. The TC’s often include clauses relating to Insurance, Safety, Arbitration, Notices, Regulations, Payment and more.

See RFQ20 below where you can download our free set of terms and conditions. These can be used for a Supplier which has been awarded a contract to supply and erect purchased equipment on your property or you can massage them to relate to many other day to day applications.

Check back as we will be posting more generic versions soon. See RFQ42 post.

Download Terms and Conditions in PDF >>> RFQ20 – Terms and Conditions

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Sample Letter of Intent (LOI) or Letter of Understanding (LOU)

Letter of Intent-LOI or Letter of Understanding-LOU:

For larger contracts or big dollar supply agreements, some corporations prefer to start a relationship by issuing a letter of intent (LOI) to the successful bidder of a tender. In essence, it is an acknowledgement by both parties of their intent to carry out the offer at hand. As a buyer, you are informing the Vendor or Supplier of your intention to proceed with the commercial arrangement proposed in the bid and this is the start of the formal documentation process.

This following sample LOI can be used to get the ball rolling until formal contract documents are drawn up and executed by the involved parties.

This particular sample letter of intent or letter of understanding covers a technical supply agreement used to purchase bulk commodities with prices that might be tied to a published index or indice.

Feel free to download and use this free sample letter of intent or letter of understanding when awarding your RFP or RFQ.

Download PDF file here >>> RFQ6 – Letter of Intent

It is a little cramped as we wanted it to fit onto a single page…Note: all purchased downloads include edit friendly Microsoft word templates.  If you are looking for a specific sample Letter of Intent (LOI), or LOU template we have included them in our Premium Pack and it is available for purchase by selecting the download button in the margin.

RFQ Rejection Form Letter

RFQ Rejection Form:

It is always easier notifying the successful bidder on an award when you issue an RFP, RFQ, ITQ but it is also customary or professional to notify unsuccessful bidders as to your intentions. Remember you want Vendors to bid on your future RFP or RFQ ‘s.

Here is a free sample Dear John letter or a letter you can use to notify bidders that they will not be getting your business this time around. Feel free to download this free RFQ rejection form letter.

Download sample rejection letter here>>> rfq13-itq-rejection-letter

award letter

Award Letter for RFQ | RFP

Award Letter for RFQ or RFP:

award letterOut of all the letters a Buyer will pen during a work day, the Award Letter for an issued RFQ | RFP is the most enjoyable. Advising a successful bidder they are about to receive the contract for your business is always a pleasant task. Unfortunately, the rejection letters for the remaining bidders should also be issued around the same time. If you are looking for an example of an Award Letter you can use to notify the successful bidder they have been selected or awarded the work please see below.

You can download this free sample award letter here>>> RFQ14 – Award Letter

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Invitation to Quote – Sample Letter

Invitation to Quote:

Looking for a sample letter you can use to invite bidders or suppliers to bid on your RFP or RFQ requirements? Here is a free sample letter you can download.


Download here>>>RFQ2 – Bid Letter

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Free Web Design RFQ / RFP Template

Free Web Design RFQ – RFP Template

Looking for a free sample RFP or RFQ to get you started in quoting or requesting a quotation for website design services? Just about every business needs a website and how to go about procuring the services for web design services is a challenge an everyday business owner does not need. There are must have basics every website should display and the following rfp sample should help you get started down the right path to getting your website up and running.

Download this great template for a web design RFQ / RFP template put together by NPower…

Download sample RFP document in PDF format here>>> RFP_web_sample

RFQ Template Pack Breakdown

RFQ Template Pack Breakdown:

Template Number and Name Bytes Policy Perform Contract Premium
RFQ1 -Request for Quotation 28,672
RFQ2 -Bid Letter (for Appendix A & B) 28,160
RFQ3 -Sample Hosting Agreement 65,024
RFQ4 -Service Contract 53,760
RFQ5 -Standing Order Agreement 47,616
RFQ6 -Letter of Intent 30,208
RFQ7 -Nondisclosure Agreement 28,672
RFQ8 -Bill of Sale 32,256
RFQ9 -Chemicals Contract Form 62,976
RFQ10 -RFP Web Design 42,496
RFQ11 -Letter of Understanding 33,280
RFQ12 -RFQ Telephone System w VoIP 135,168
RFQ13 -Rejection Letter 25,088
RFQ14 -Award Letter 25,600
RFQ15 -Appendix A (Instructions) 39,936
RFQ16 -Appendix B (RFQ Terms) 80,384
RFQ17 -RFP Web Design #2 111,616
RFQ18 -Supply Agreement 87,567
RFQ19 -Basic RFQ Vehicle 29,184
RFQ20 -Terms and Conditions 75,264
RFQ21 -Engineering Services Contract 58,880
RFQ22 -Facility Audit Form 101,376
RFQ23 -Bulk Commodity Tender 109,568
RFQ24 -RFQ Telecommunications 95,744
RFQ25 -Occurrence Report Form 72,000
RFQ26 -Equipment Quotation Form 38,400
RFQ27 -Agent Agreement 33,280
RFQ28 -RFQ Office Equipment 40,960
RFQ29 -RFQ Computers 111,104
RFQ30 -Vendor Performance Evaluation 290,816
RFQ31 -Sub-Contractor Evaluation Form 44,032
RFQ32 -Tire Service Agreement 38,912
RFQ33 -FOB Terms Defined 33,280
RFQ34 -Letter of Understanding 30,208
RFQ35 -Software Licensing Agreement 60,000
RFQ36 -Trade Mark License 48,000
RFQ37 -Standard RFQ 63,000
RFQ38 -New Vendor Form 64,000
RFQ39 -Equipment Bill of Sale 48,000
RFQ40 -Contractor Insurance 45,000
RFQ41 -Purchasing Terms Defined 118,784
RFQ42 -Basic PO Terms & Conditions 30,000
RFQ43 -Consignment Sales Form 116,000
RFQ44 -Environmental Policy Vendor 30,000
RFQ45 -Sample RFP for Software 132,608
RFQ46 -PO Terms and Conditions 51,000
RFQ47 -PO for Heavy Equipment 217,088
RFQ48 -Warehouse Issue Slip Sample 15,360
RFQ49 -Surplus Declaration Form 42,496
RFQ50 -Assets Disposal Tender Form 44,032
RFQ51 -Lubricants Supply Agreement 68,500
RFQ52 -Contract Drilling Agreement 67,500
RFQ53 -Reagent Supply Agreement 70,000
RFQ54 -Bulk Consumables Agreement 64,512
RFQ55 -Roofing Tender (Basic) 36,500
RFQ56 -Purchase Requisition Form 54,000
RFQ57 -RFP Sample Media Relations 100,352
RFQ58 -RFP Short Form 57,000
RFQ59 -RFP Telecom VoIP 112,000
RFQ60 -Statutory Declaration 32,000
RFQ61 -PO Terms OTR Tires 46,000
RFQ62 -Employee Non-Disclosure 28,000
RFQ63 -Independent Contractor 46,000
RFQ64 -Dismantling Contract 146,000
RFQ65 -Expression of Interest 126,000
RFQ66 -Technical Compliance Matrix 76,500
RFQ67 -RFQ Mobile Equipment Public 140,288
RFQ68 -Request for Qualifications Cover 36,864
RFQ69 -Request for Qualification Form 37,500
RFQ70 -RFQ Auto Truck (Detailed) 225,000
RFQ71 -Request for Qualification Art 42,500
RFQ72 -Statutory Declaration Payment 47,500
RFQ73 -Linen Rental Service Agreement 37,376
RFQ74 -Guarantee 33,792
RFQ75 -Joint & Several Demand Note 30,208
RFQ76 -Series Form Promissory Note 31,744
RFQ77 -Demand for Payment Guarantee 32,208
RFQ78 -Due Date Promissory Note 32,768
RFQ94 -Meeting Minutes Sample 43,520
RFQ95 -Staff Timesheet.xls 21,000
RFQ96 -Month End Report Sample 137,000
RFQ97 -Loss Control Manual 76,288
RFQ98 -Purchasing Policy Manual 197,000
RFQ99 -Bid Evaluation Template.xls 20,480
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